Coming to the digital world, everyone wanted to have smart thing or gears. The Boom 3’s Magic Button has long been the best Bluetooth speaker around. But for all its popularity, the line of speakers was plagued for years by a critical flaw: it lacked a play / pause button. Unlike the previous models, the newest model in the portable speaker line has a cylindrical build for 360 sounds, and with a height of around 18cm. so, this make it a pleasingly gear and easy to hold on the go.

This portable speaker has ultra-rugged waterproof casing. So, you can listen to songs anywhere, at pool, out in the snow and on a beach.

Boom 3’s Magic Button

Talking about its design and specifications, this Bluetooth speaker is there to keep up with life’s thrills and spills. The Boom 3 is the latest in Ultimate Ears’ line of best selling portable outdoor speakers, and it comes with an incredible IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating. This it means that you can use it underwater as well and it will last for 30 minutes.

Besides that, coming to its functionality, user will have a play / pause / track skip button: you press once to toggle between play / pause or quickly double click to skip to the next song.

On the other hand, the other function is unique because it allows you to simply press and hold the button, which will turn on the speaker, automatically connect it to your phone. After that it will start playing a preset playlist. Other than this, by pressing and holding it again switches to the next preset playlist, allows a wider range of control.

The UE Boom 3 comes in range of two-tone iridescent fabric finishes, including sunset red, lagoon blue, forest green, and night black.  And you can buy it for only $130 as well.