Well, if the riders are conscious about the gripe of skateboards, The Elos packable commuter skateboard is the best. Elos, with their skateboards, has a new packable commuter skateboard that fits the need of the office-bound. This new mode of transport will cut travel time in half and you’ll enjoy your ride much more.

The Elos skateboard is unlike any other skateboard. It is compact and stable and easy to use. It was created with the simple intention of designing a board so friends and family would have an easier time learning to ride.

Elos Packable Commuter Skateboard

The Elos Packable Commuter Skateboard measures a meager 17 inches in length and 10 inches in width. It looks like a giant guitar pick, with just enough room to stagger your feet on. Well, the two cut out handles make the board easy to carry, but it’s also small enough to fit into most backpacks or duffle bags.

The board is equipped with fifty-degree trucks and 72mm 80A cruising wheels. The board also has a built-in storage design to make it easier to quickly stow it away. The board is made of seven-ply American hard maple and weighs only 4.4 pounds. It also comes with its own storage bag.

The Elos can handle sharp turns smoothly and it seems more agile than a standard skateboard. In fact, experienced users can turn Elos on a dime and probably do some super cool tricks too.


It comes in charcoal black, Elos Blue, Clear Maple, Ocean Green, Maroon Red, and Coral red. The Elos Packable Commuter Skateboard is meant for those urban settings where space is a commodity, and Elos has come up with a pretty cool design to fit that need.