The revolutions step has been achieved, as the first test passenger reaches the edge of the space with Virgin Galactic. Wow, how is the feelings and sight from up there. It is official now Virgin Galactic has taken the first test passenger into sub-space. The company’s chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses accompanied two pilots on a flight 55.85 miles above the Earth. This boundary is just miles below the internationally documented space boundary, 62 miles.

Well it not only good news to the world but to those 600 people who are waiting to see the edge of the space and earth. Well among them many are waiting this moment for the last 14 years with Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic and First Passenger

Virgin Galactic is working on commercial spacecraft since 2004. But it has suffered setbacks such as the dramatic crash of the Virgin spaceplane SpaceShip Two VSS Enterprise during a test flight in 2014. And that mission was failed one, where one pilot is killed and other one got injured.

But the new version of the SpaceShip Two, managed to climb to its highest ever altitude. As the plane reached the height of 90 kilometers above the Earth, that is just short of 100 kilometer boundary. This means that technically, the craft achieved a sub-orbital spaceflight as it reached outer space but its trajectory intersected with the Earth’s atmosphere in such a way that it would not have been able to orbit around the planet.

According to the news, spaceplane carries astronaut instructor Beth Moses as test passenger and pilots Mike ‘Sooch’ Masucci and Dave Mackay. Moses was carried in the passenger cabin, marking the first time that Virgin Galactic has sent a passenger into space. Moses’ job was to evaluate the experience that paying customers will eventually have in the cabin, and when passengers do begin taking trips, she will be the person charged with training them.