What you’re watching is the Microlino 2.0 electric microcar and Microletta electric trike from Switzerland’s Micro Mobility Systems. The Microlino and Microletta electrics are a complete redesign of the primary concept unveiled in 2015 and demonstrated now for the first time in public. Unluckily, the event had to organize over a live stream due to the cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show. Now here we’re discussing the three-wheeled Microletta electric motorbike that runs 80km/h but doesn’t need a motorcycle license.

The four-wheeled Microlino is a modern version of the microcars that we are seeing from the past years. This electric two-seater has more than a transient similarity to the Italian-designed Iso Isetta “bubble car” developed by BMW and others.

Microlino and Microletta Electrics

The Microlino 2.0 has the same 90km/h top speed and 200km max declared range of the primary Microlino design. It’ll also have the same price of €12,000 (about $13,350) when it starts accessible in the market in 2021.

Microlino and Microletta Electrics

The company claims to have accumulated over 17,000 preorders for the early design and modified it to discuss interests with excellence, security, and control, with an assist from followers and clients.

The new 2.0 design has shifted to steel and aluminum frame and a broader rear axle to support front and rear autonomous suspensions. The latest synchronous motor is more robust (15kW) and dynamic, and the interior more capacious with more excellent clarity thanks to a taller car, more dense battery pack, and more conservative A-pillar. The more solid NMC battery pack can be charged from a standard household socket in four hours. Microlino is just 2.4 meters (7.87 feet) long, allowing three of them to fit within a standard parking spot.

Microlino 2.0 electric microcar

The interior has also been entirely remodified. The Microlino steering column is now fixed and no longer connected to the front door. That leaves the door to open more making entering and exiting the vehicle more comfortable. The seat gives more convenience and the dashboard is completely digital now.


The dashboard can be customized with your own smartphone, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories, says Micro. An aluminum strip that goes from side to side gives allegiance to the Micro kick scooter that granted the organization its inception.

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Micro also exhibited its electric Microletta three-wheeled motorbike for the very first time now. The two front wheels allow a more solid grip when approaching and a more accurate braking distance, according to the firm, and enables it to stand upright when coming to a stop at a crossing. It has capacity for two detachable batteries for a capacity of over 100km, according to Micro.

Microletta electric trike

Despite having a max speed of 80km/h, it doesn’t need a specific motorcycle license in Europe because it’s labeled as a tricycle (two-wheeled electric motorbikes need a special license above 45km/h). The Microletta e-trike can already be reserved on Micro’s website with a predicted price of about €4,900 (about $5,450), although the production date is still uncertain.

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Microlino and Microletta Electrics