With the advancement in the technology day by day, the more gadgets are making their mark in the everyday life. So, is the case of The PanTilt MINIBOT, a robot, which can serve different purposes but it is build primarily for security purpose. The PanTilt MINIBOT uses a GoPro camera from which you can not only record but also control the robot with a smartphone. It also has 4WD functionality, making it possible to turn on a dime as well as climb over rough terrain.

So, the Inspector-bots has been doing multi-purpose robotic platforms for the masses at affordable prices for a while now. These robots are great for wireless video camera surveillance for large homes or industrial purposes.


The Pan Tilt MINIBOT is a robotic platform, which is designed and equipped to inspect different areas wirelessly. These areas are may be unfriendly, unsafe, contaminated places, not only on land but even in the water. This robo inspector is euqipped with built-in camera system (“Go-Pro”) to visualize and record all movement. Besides that this minibot is easy to use and control from the smartphone as well.

Pan Tilt MINIBOT has a 4-Wheel Drive electric vehicle is made from an aircraft grade aluminum shell and only weights 10 lbs. This compact beast can hike up a max incline of 30 degrees with its off-road rubber tires and reaches a top speed of about 4 mph. Not only this, it also spins on its axis, making it perfect for tight spaces. This smart robotic vehicle is also a water-resistant and is capable of panning 180° and tilting up to 135° making it virtual reality-ready. The minibot has a range of 1,200 feet, so it can be used for many purposes.

Besides its working at home, it can also be used for other purposes as well. It can also be used in industry; its use is of multiple purpose Vigilance, investigation, and vehicle inspection. Not only this, but for rescue, sighting in contaminated sites or underwater, natural disasters.