NUA Bikes is a known for eye-catching and high-end titanium bicycles.It seems to be the trend with e-bicycle manufacturers these days. So, NUA has just announced their first electric bicycle model, the NUA Electrica. It combines a minimalist and lightweight design with top-shelf components. It has motor, sensors and battery built into a discreet hub unit. Well there is hardly any difference between Nua Electrica and regular one. It is an innovative “self-charging” mode means you can get away without ever charging it.

The NUA Electrica builds upon NUA’s experience building high quality commuter bikes. The company uses four sizes of hand-built titanium frames, S, M, L and XL.

Nua Electrica E-Bike

The e-bike Nua Electrica takes things in a decidedly more minimalist direction. The electric bike weighs 28.6 pounds and has an ultra-strong titanium frame. So, the purpose is that, you can ride it like a non-electric bicycle to eliminate any potential learning curves.

On the other hand, making it simpler, the e-bike does not have any computer display. Therefore it can be submissively recharged by riding it like a traditional bike. This particular bike also offer custom sizes that are built uniquely for each customer, creating the perfect bike for each rider. Now NUA’s bikes are getting an electric boost thanks to an electric motor and battery combo from a Zehus Bike+ drivetrain.

The Zehus Bike+ motor system looks like a standard rear hub motor, albeit encased in a chromed out shell. The Bike+ system also manages to pack a controller and battery into the motor casing. It shows that all the basic components are located within the rear wheel. That makes the NUA Electrica a crafty electric bike that blends in like nearly any other pedal bike.

The Nua Electrica electric bike will allow traveling up to 18.6 miles of battery range in Turbo mode. After that it requires recharge to make it an exceptional option for urban consumers.