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To explore the oceans, is always a myth and dream for humans. So, in while exploring, scuba divers face a countless challenges. With a limited air supply in their tanks, divers only have a short amount of time that they can spend underwater. Not only that, when they are in great depths it can be exhausting work. Now not any more, The Ocean Space Habitat was imagined and built to overcome the biggest challenges that divers face. The Ocean Space Habitat can be brought to a suitable depth, inflated to its proper size, and anchored in place. It allows undersea explorers to come and go as needed.

The inflatable underwater tent allows divers to create a safe, comfortable place under water. It provides the best solution to stay while flooded hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean.

Ocean Space Habitat

The most important thing, which makes the underwater tent a worth-able, is its technical aspects. The underwater shelter is made from a unique blend of vinyl and nylon with polyester support strapping’s and stainless steel hardware. The Ocean Space Habitat weighs as little as 50 pounds, although it can scale up to as much as 200 pounds depending on the configuration.

On the other hand, the on-board carbon dioxide scrubbers can provide a breathable atmosphere for up to six hours with rechargeable batteries powering internal air-circulating fans. Those batteries are also used to run two built-in oxygen monitor displays, which are connected to dual galvanic oxygen sensors.

Essentially, the OSH is designed to serve as a portable underwater campsite that allows divers to stay down longer and remain safer. Inside the tent, undersea explorers can take off their scuba masks, replace tanks, eat a meal, or just have a short rest. The Ocean Space Habitat can also be used as a more relaxing place for divers to decompress before returning to the surface too.