Well in world of Apps entertainment, TikTok is getting more fame. And now TikTok has launched its Lite App as well. So, lip-sync, short-form video app, TikTok, has become growing popular over the past year. TikTok even surpassed Facebook and Snapchat in terms of daily downloads during the month of October. Its attractiveness is credited to the special attention that it pays to rising markets. In fact, TikTok has even quietly released a ‘Lite’ app, specifically targeting these emerging markets. This app has registered more than 12 million downloads since August 2018.

The company has not launched its Lite version with Zeal and Zest, it basically encompasses two apps. There is no visible difference between the two apps other than the target audience. Infect, some says that one uses a capital letter for lite, other doesn’t.

Lite App

When talking about the TikTok Lite App, the company has made its business plan quite smartly. They have targeted the regions, which has more youth in their population. Because, the first Lite App was launched by TikTok in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian markets. On the other hand, the second one was for India, Brazil, and Russia. The latter has become very popular, and the credit for that mainly goes to TikTokers based in India.

According to Sensor Tower, both these apps combined have a enormous 12 million downloads over the period of 6months. Although 12 million sounds like a big number, it represents only 3.6 percent of TikTok’s total downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

With gaining more fame, the Lite App has also now been installed across 15 additional other than Asian countries. These countries  including Egypt, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia, Russia, Ecuador, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nigeria, Angola and Ghana.

However, TikTok Lite is not being promoted big time at this time. Even, especially when compared with the outsize marketing that TikTok’s flagship app has been seeing as of late.