Well for youngster, Tinder has added some things new to its app to make holidays trips more excited. That add on is Tinder’s Spring Break Mode.  This new feature for limited time as it starts from March 4 to 31. The feature, called Spring Break Mode, allows the users to choose the spring break destination in the app. After then match and message with other students who are headed there as well. But it will not count the information about your current location.

“It’s time to find your vacay-bae,” Tinder wrote after announcing the new feature. The mode will give more than 20 popular destinations to choose from.

Tinder’s Spring Break Mode

Now the Tinder app users can make the plan of their Spring Break badge when they see the Spring Break card shows in their list of matches.  Afterward once it appears, users will have the freedom to select a vacation destination where they can enjoy their spring break.

Not only that the other user will see that location displayed as a badge on the user’s profile. Tinder will show users potential counterparts who will be making the trip to the same spring break. This will make friends to enjoy their spring breaks together. Besides that, for those who wanted to stay back at home, there a “Staycation” badge for you.

Tinder’s decision to launch a Spring Break mode arrives supported by some pretty strong figures. According to the app, swipes increased by as much as 100-fold in popular spring break destinations in 2018. Tinder also tapped users enrolled in Tinder U as well.