This time Triumph announces Daytona 765 Moto2 limited edition motorbike. And it was announced British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Besides that, there are two models of 765 machines will be produced: one is 765 for North America, and 765 for the rest of the world. The motorbike will be powered a new version of the firm’s 765cc three-cylinder engine as featured in the Street Triple RS. And it is designed by the team who developed the Moto2 engine. The engine seems to be stronger, faster revving, and has a 600rpm higher rev ceiling.

The bike is fully decked out in carbon fiber bodywork, fairing, hugger, front mudguard, and upper chain guard.

Triumph Daytona 765 Moto2

Other the all specs, The engine in the new Daytona 765cc triple is derived from Triumph becoming the elite engine supplier to the Moto2 World Championship in 2019. Moreover, it allows the peak power of 130 PS (128.2 hp) at 12,250 rpm, and with peak torque of 80 Nm (59 lb-ft) at 9,750 rpm.

On the other hand, this not unique as other bikes have but company says that the Daytona will weigh less than the earlier Daytona’s 185 kg (408 lb) wet weight. And it will allow a minor saving over the its rival Suzuki GSX-R750’s 190 kg (419 lb) wet weight.

Thus, those output claims are a fair bit better than the current unrealistic Triumph Street Triple RS though. It produces 122.9 PS @ 11,700 rpm and 77 Nm (57 lb-ft) @ 10,800 rpm, and it should be noted that peak torque is made 1,050 rpm lower on the Daytona.

While, talking about other specification, the latest Moto2-derived engine advantages from a number of component and performance upgrades. These includes titanium inlet valves, stronger pistons, MotoGP-spec DLC coated gudgeon pins, new cam profiles, new intake trumpets. Besides that it has modified con rods, modified intake port, modified crank and modified barrels, and a higher (12.9:1) compression ratio.