Amazingly the new Twitter app has short spellings something like a slang or daily use type of word. A joke a part let’s talk about Twitter lunches twttr. It aspires to offer Twitter a more experimental testing space where the company can attempt out new ideas outside of its accessible public network. Before the launch it gain feedback from testers, then develop new features as a result of what it learns.

According to the company, initially it the importance of twttr is on trying new conversation design. That is indented and chat-like shape, and will be introducing various replies format.

Twitter Launches twttr

The discussion thread is displayed simple, and not many details are shown about the tweet. Besides that no any sharing option or actions are visible in the thread. Twttr, as the prototype put up is called, it is there to provide Twitter a separate space outside its public network. This new app is to be created moreover an experiment with new ideas about how Twitter should look, feel and operate. At first, the model app focuses on changes to replies, with the goal of making longer conversations easier to read.

On the other hand, the company said it will likely to carry on testing new thoughts within the app in the future. And even the features seen today will continue to change as the company responds to user feedback. The director of product management, Sara said that the company is aiming at attracting people towards development process.

In the early days of the twttr prototype, the color-coded reply system was deliberately designed to be overly saturated for visibility’s sake. But the company never planned to launch a garish color scheme like this to its testers. The company is hoping that launching a new prototype app might not solve all the problems regarding online mistreatment. Despite that the newest design is predictable to give confidence for positive conversations instead of leading to disturbance.