For adventure lovers around the world, there are many unavoidable adventure destinations for you adventurer hobbies. These adventure destinations around the world offers many things from hiking, to climbing, cycling, canoeing and much more. So, it is up to you, which kind of adventurer lover you are.

So, hike, climb, cycle, surf, canoe, there are numerous ways to explore a country if you’ve got a taste for adventure. Choose any of the destination below, pack your bags and get there.

Unavoidable adventures destinations


It says hiking in Zion National Park’s Angels Landing Trail is amazing. It is just 8km long, but absolutely unforgettable. The last 100m traverses a ledgy via ferrata route to a pedestal smack in the middle of the canyon. It is 460m above the canyon floor and the Virgin River below.


Well Riding Mt Buller’s 40km Australian Alpine Epic Trail in the Victorian highlands for immense pleasure. This is the only track in the country granted official ‘epic’ status by the International Mountain Biking Association.


If you love hiking, just go to Guatemala, the hiking 60km into Petén jungle to the spectacular ruins of El Mirador. This is a fascinating, largely unexcavated Mayan city. The huge Maya Biosphere Reserve is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world. It is home to massive anteaters, scarlet macaws, jaguars and pumas, with hundreds of unique plants and trees.


If you travel to Indonesia and not climbing ancient Borobudur, you tour is just a vain. The world’s largest Buddhist monument features massive temple spires that sprout from the Kedu Plain valley floor. The monument is all set against a backdrop of countless volcanic peaks, including the volatile Mt Merapi.


Cambodia offer best cycling tracks, the Angkor Wat, a 12th-century World Heritage-listed monument and the world’s largest religious site is worth to ride. Just ride from crumbling tower to ancient pagoda to serene pond, basking in boundless positive vibes.


Well in Georgia, do paragliding, especially over the Caucasus Mountains. With a range of launch sites countrywide, from 500m to 2500m high, paragliding the Caucasus is a serene experience that will linger long after feet touch terra firma.