World is full of wonders, and talented people and designers are making it more unique. There are many strange yet awesome architects people can see around the world, from tall building to beautiful monuments. This time there is also a unique and splendid architect designed has been developed in Italy with name of Dolomite Treehouse. Well people around the world, always try to make their livings unique, unorthodox, beautiful and worthy to be remembered.

The Milan’s Peter Pichler Architecture (PPA) has shown own twist on the secluded genre. They revealed a set of conceptual tree houses that line Italy’s Dolomite Mountains.

Dolomite TreeHouse

Nature has given many blessings to the humans, so it’s their duty to preserve them. That’s what  exactly done by this architect of Dolomite TreeHouse. The project is imagines as an addition to an existing hotel and aims to establish a new experience of living in the woods with maximum connection to nature.

Coming to the design of Dolomite TreeHouse, the roofs are sharply pitched; the shape of the construction is motivated by the surrounding fir and larch trees. The living or rooms are made from local wood; hence giving the project sustainable identification.

The rooms or the units design consists of two levels and from 35 to 45 m2 range.  While the lower has small reading / lounge area, and the upper level is there for the sleeping area with a small bathroom. For the connectivity between the two levels, there are small woody internally place stairs.

Coming to the structure, Dolomite Treehouse has been imagined to be constructed from wood, with the exterior clad in blackened timber, blending in to the backdrop of greenery. Internally, the natural wood is exposed to form a warm, inviting environment for guests. While the, large area of glazing are also used in the design to provide impressive views of the Italian Dolomite. The ultimate thing of this Dolomite Treehouse is the view and presence of the nature.