With the technology learning becomes easy and more importantly fun. So, in order to test your UI Knowledge play Can’t Unsee. Well, there is no video game that can turn you into a Good designer but this new game which basically tests your knowledge of user interface design. It sounds really good to become a good designer by playing just three rounds. The game is called as Can’t Unsee which is a web-based game and presents two choices of iOS interface designs.

This game is outcome of software engineer Alex Kotliarskyi. It gives ythe user a simple task: Say which of two designs sitting side by side is the correct or better one. It’s Hot or Not for interface design.

Can’t Unsee

While talking about the game, there are three rounds asking you to choose between two mock-ups presented side by side. That how the game start out with design choices that seem obviously wrong, the picture then escalates and it becomes nearly indistinguishable. You can say that it is like ‘spot the difference game’ but only one of the choices is correct.

During the first round, you will see a chat bubble in a messaging app with an improper width. The second trial consists of inconsistent capitalized texts on the screen. The game looks good for the designer community but Kotliarskyi calls this game a way to test your attention to details.

Well it looks easy, but the game is not that easy to play. User need to look sideways your way through three rounds, each with 18 pairs of interfaces to compare. In one trial, a chat bubble in a messaging app is the improper width. In another, text is capitalized inconsistently. You often can barely make a value judgment, because you’re just trying to figure out if there’s any difference between the two interfaces at all.