If you are heading through Yellowstone this year there are a number of incredible activities that you can take part in throughout the area. Some of these pull from some of these options that we will suggest will pull from more traditional ideas of Yellowstone but there are some new attractions in the area that are worth checking out. Here are some of the top things you need to do it Yellowstone Park:

Go to old faithful:

Seeing the geysers erupt and the Hot Springs is a must do experience if you’ve never been to Yellowstone before. The power of nature is awesome to see firsthand and although seeing a geyser erupt may not sound like an experience that you would typically do, seeing it live can be exhilarating.

Go for a hike to find some animals:

Seeing an animal in the wild is very different from seeing them in a zoo. Going on a few hikes throughout the trails and seeing the signs of grizzly bears, bison, eagles and more can be an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. If you had to the northeast of the park you can also find herds of wild horses that you can see in the wild.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone:

Seeing Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon and the waterfalls in this area is another experience that you have to try out. The main area is called artists point and its made up of three different waterfalls that you need to see first-hand.

Try a paddling experience:

Getting in a boat along the Yellowstone Lake were trying out the rapid rides can help you experience the pure power of Yellowstone. Imaging the way that some of the original explorers would’ve navigated the rivers can be an eye-opening experience. Try to paddle in their footsteps first hand.

These are just a few of the top experiences that you need to try in Yellowstone Park today!