As there are more means of communications are hitting the market, privacy becomes a fundamental issue. Recently, world biggest messenger chat app WhatsApp updates its application to hide the chat. This WhatsApp update will use Face ID and Touch ID to read the private messages. It means that your private messages will truly remains private.

They can be used to lock the app itself, not individual conversations. Your WhatsApp notifications are still visible, and you can do quick replies within iOS without authentication.


For privacy point of view, WhatsApp is leading the way. The latest version of WhatsApp will only allows the face ID or the Touch ID to read the private message. To the company is giving importance to the user’s privacy.  In order to do that, WhatsApp has added an extra layer of security. For the privacy user have to update its version on iOS with support for touchID and FaceID.

The update (version 2.19.20) allows users to lock their messages behind their iPhones biometric authentication features. After that users can switch it on by heading in to settings, selecting Account, Privacy and “enable Lock Screen.” Then the users will be able to set a time limit straight away, after a minute, 15 minutes or 1 hour.

Besides all, it’s important to note that the new feature doesn’t work on a per-chat basis and instead locks up the entire app. Notifications will still appear on the screen if you have them turned on. It will allow the users to quick-reply to messages. Users are also still being able to answer calls. The Touch ID is available on the iPhone 5S and for latest version. On the other hand, the Face ID is available on the iPhone X and later.