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Withings’ Move smartwatch will allow users to choose from 5,800 combinations to personalize the smartwatch. The Move smartwatch is a reasonable priced, fitness tracker watch that could be customized by the user. Now, a month after the company originally promised shipments would begin, you can finally get hold of the first versions. Nokia had acquired Withings two years earlier, but sold it later back to the original maker.

The Withings’ Move Smartwatch features all the customary trimmings, including activity and workout tracking, third-party app connectivity. In addition to advanced sleep monitoring and it has an inspiring 18 months of battery life.

Withings’ Move Smartwatch

By following the same trend, Move smartwatch is with five different color options released straight off the bat, three further color options available. On the other hand, the new designs will be launched every month on some special occasions.

Beside the general Move Smart watch, there is Move ECG. That features three electrodes to take measurements: two inside the back of the watch and a third in the bezel. Users touch both sides of the bezel to take a measurement, and the watch will vibrate when it has a reading. All of the data can then be found in the company’s companion app, Health Mate. The only difference between the Move ECG and the standard Move is the electrocardiogram feature.

Besides these features, the blood pressure monitor works the same way as you have in a clinic. The cuff blows up to measure systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate. That cuff and a stainless steel sensor can then be used as an EKG sensor, too. The device also has a sensor that users can place on their chest, which Withings says will listen to the heart.

Beyond the watches, Withings is also launching its BPM Core, a connected cuff and stainless steel tube. It is designed to take blood pressure readings, monitor your heart rhythm, and listen to your heart through a digital stethoscope.

Later in the year, users will be able to completely customize their device down to personalized images and the color of the dials, too. Get it now for $70 in the US, £60 in the UK for a Basic Essentials model.