The gadget and tech users always need ultimate desk charging station. And the new champion is ZeroLemon’s Extreme Charge Station. The new ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station is the most powerful multi-device USB charger. Besides that it outputs up to 135W of power across its two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, Qi charging pad, and Apple Watch dock.

On the while using this charging station is solution for all you charging problems. It has an ultimate higher power battery capacity and reasonable price of $99.

ZeroLemon’s Extreme Charge Station

At this time ZeroLemon is running its campaign on Kickstarter, and will ship the power station in October this year. Well, with the ultimate capacity power battery, all of that power and all of those ports allows you to charge any USB device with this dock.On the other hand, one of the USB-C ports can output up to 87W on its own, which is enough to charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro. While the other one handles up to 20W and will be plenty for smartphones and tablets.

Besides that, user can even use both the ports simultaneously. On the other hand, there is a small LED that indicates what voltage is being drawn from the most powerful USB-C port.So, plug in a laptop, and it will light up the 20V light. Step down to a phone, and it will light up one of the lesser voltage settings.

Whereas, the two USB-A ports handle up to 15W each, which is enough to fast-charge most smartphones, but it can also easily charge other USB devices. The Qi charging pad on top of the Charge Station outputs up to 10W, which is enough power to wirelessly fast-charge iPhones, Samsung devices, and other Android phones. On top of that, there is a 3W pad to the right of the Qi charging pad that can charge an Apple Watch.