Zillow has finally made its 3D home tours available across the US and Canada, allowing a big revolutionary change. Well this change related to real estate industry. Now with Zillow’s 3D home tours people can spice up their listings through an iOS app. Despite the changes, the basic concept remains the same, sellers create 360-degree panoramas of rooms. And then allows the app stitch them together to create a “seamless” tour.

Life seems to be very busy and people don’t have time to go and search the places for them. Well it is not a virtual reality tour, but it made easier for people not to visit the desired place personally.

Zillow’s 3D Home Tours

In a busy world, People are looking to buy a new home through a virtual tour of prospective properties. And all this can be possible  through Zillow’s 3D AI-powered app. So, keeping in mind, the real estate marketplace announced the release of 3D Home, a new iOS app. It helps the home buyers to view houses that they are interested using 360-degree images. Initially the service is available for Apple users living in the United States and Canada.

Earlier Zillow had launched a pilot program for 3D Home, where thousands of three-dimensional tours were created and viewed along with the company’s partners. Not only the agents, but people can add 3D tours to their listings for free, and they’re relatively quick to make. They can take “as little as” 15 to 20 minutes to produce, as the company announced.

The Zillow 3D home tours helped by the app uses computer vision and A.I. deep learning to create a 3D tour. The app improves the images exposures, it them stitches the image together to form the tour. after that you can choose the best thumbnail image to represent each room or area in the home.

On the other hand, when the app finishes the creation process, the 3D tour is available on a separate 3D Home dashboard. By that agent or seller can edit, share, and add to the home’s listing on Zillow.