By bringing together the optimal precision of a German made lens and the Leica Q camera, it was possible to have a handmade vintage camera that has a number of modern manufacturing elements. The Globe trotter camera is one of the first of its kind with a beautiful vintage case and a tweed style camera body.

This is just like the vintage cameras that you might see in the pages of an old National Geographic. The company is lovingly re-created the look as well as handmade a specialty case for the camera as well. The newest version of this camera is completely digital and it’s definitely made for travelers. The Leica Q functions just as it would in its base model with all of the technical aspects that you would expect from a modern digital camera. The 28 mm fixed lens combined with 24 megapixel sensors ensure that you can get access to a superior image quality that you would need for capturing any magazine worthy shot.

The custom leather wrap luggage gives a spot of elegance to this globetrotter camera. Both the camera and the case matched perfectly and this is a beautiful tribute to the golden age of travel. Many older style cameras would often have this look and seeing it re-created in a digital age is sure to give you a vintage travel vibe wherever you are. This is a camera that definitely flies under the radar and it’s only available for a limited time.

The company’s only going to make 50 of these cameras and are going to be sold throughout the UK and Japan. Getting your hands on one of these cameras might not be easy, but you are going to love the results that it can produce and the aesthetic that it creates.