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Anker has launched its Roav Bolt Charger for the cars. Anker’s Roav Bolt Charger works like a Google Mini Home while driving in the car. This charge basically is there to add Google Assistant for the car. Similarly to Alexa-powered Roav Viva, the Bolt plugs into your car’s 12V socket and connect through Bluetooth or an auxiliary jack. Many automakers are planning to add Google Assistant to their vehicle but the Roav Bolt offers an easy upgrade for anybody not yet in the market for a new car.

According to the company, when it’s connected, user can command it to turn off your lights at home, not only that user can play a podcast or set a reminder by saying “Hey Google,” the trigger words for the Assistant.

Anker’s Roav Bolt Charger

Many experts believe that devices like the Anker product are important to Google as they are marketing to spread its Assistant worldwide. That’s vital as people increasingly search for stuff outside of desktop computers and Google’s iconic search engine. The company wants to make sure it’s still the go-to source for information when it comes to voice searches and other types of queries.

On the other hand, for sound, Google suggests using the aux input, there’s one on the Bolt and a 3.5mm-to-3.5 mm cable included in the box.  So, when user does that, the Bolt really does work just like a Google Home in your car. It can do all the usual stuff a Home can do, or perhaps more specifically, all the stuff the Google Assistant can do on your phone.

Furthermore, the basic idea behind Anker’s Roav Bolt charger, Google wants to allow people outfit older cars with its Assistant technology. Especially, it is targeting those vehicles without dashboard screens or entertainment systems with a cheaper price.

According to Google product manager Tomer Amarilio that we are covering the gap with the bridge. The Google is targeting people who already have Mini Home but wanted to use in their cars