Apple organized its worldwide developer’s conference and announced many. This time Apple brings many changes to its existing products, enhanced the services and much more fun for the fans and consumers. This change is about that Apple adds mouse support to iPad and iPadOS. Finally, Apple addresses the long last demand and quires about dreams mouse support on iPad. With the new iPadOS, you’ll be able to hook up a USB mouse or the likes of Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

Cult of Mac notes Bluetooth mice can be connected via the Assistive Touch area of the Accessibility options within Settings. Besides that Apple has launched iPad own operating system iPadOS as well.

Apple Adds Mouse Supports to iPad

According to the experts, Apple adding mouse support to iPadOS is significant, even though it’s an accessibility feature for now. Apple has implemented this support as an AssistiveTouch feature, and the cursor looks like a typical touch target you’d find in iOS. It’s designed to simulate a finger touch, so you can use a mouse to do this instead. Many iPad owners have been asking for some type of cursor support for years, and this could be the start of Apple supporting this more broadly across its new iPadOS.

Apple is making a huge change to its new iPadOS, introducing mouse support for both USB and Bluetooth devices.  On social media, iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered the new mouse support in iPadOS. It reportedly works with USB mice, devices like Apple’s Magic Trackpad, and wireless Bluetooth mice.

On the other hand, iPadOS  has new home screen full of widgets, multitasking improvements, and lots more. Apple has split iPadOS from iOS, it allows the company to bring more features that make sense to the hardware of the iPad. So, combined with iPadOS and external storage options like thumb drives and SD cards, it seems iPads are about to become more useful than ever.