Well, it seems before the Apple official event, many sites and trying to prove their worth with the leaked details of Apple Watch Series 5. Besides the earlier leaks, now there is new one and it’s about the addition of sleep tracking. According to 9to5Mac reports, it says that there have been major details as to how the health feature will work. The Apple Watch is fully equipped with the essential hardware (state-of-the-art accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensors) and user will have a best sleep tracking as well.

So, now the company is all prepared to add a new feature to the Watch that will allow it to monitor your sleep.

Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking

According to the news, on September 10 in Steve Jobs Theater, Apple will unveil its latest products. With some information, Apple is launching three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch plus perhaps AirPods 3 and a location cover.

While, speaking about the new Apple Watch series 5, technology would rely solely on the watch’s motion, heart rate and noise detection to gauge the quality of your sleep. Besides the other features, the new sleeping feature is the talk of the town. The news suggests that the new feature has a code-named “Burrito” internally and called “Time in Bed tracking.”

This feature will allow users to choose to wear Apple Watch to bed. If the user has more than one Apple Watch, they can pick one to be their designated bedtime Watch. While asleep, the Apple Watch will track the user’s quality of sleep using its multiple sensors and inputs, including the person’s movement, heart rate, and noises. On the other hand, the information would be available through the Health app on an iPhone or in a “new Sleep app for the Apple Watch.”