Everybody or you can say, the Apple users of iPhone and iPads are anxiously waiting for the Apple’s Airpods 2. Earlier there were many news and details about the earpiece. But this time a more comprehensive and details leaked news surfing the internet. On the other hand, many top ranked tech and gadgets sites are presenting the details about the upcoming Apple’s Airpods 2.

Though, there are now official news or details are been given about the Airpods 2. But company has said that the upcoming earbuds will be more different, unique, versatile and modern.

Apple’s AirPods 2

According to the leaked news, the second generation AirPods 2 will likely to be health and fitness device. Besides, being an addition to being a pair of true wireless earbuds. Earlier, such sorts of features are attached with the fitness trackers. But it seems that Apple is pursuing it for its earbuds and could integrate nicely with what Apple’s doing with the Apple Watch.

Apple AirPods 2 will be waterproof and offer active noise-cancellation, as well as wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.0 thanks to the new-and-improved W2 chip. Besides these features, they will have enhanced audio performance and build quality. It will have Hands-free voice commands and the skill to charge wirelessly.  So there are chances that, Apple might introduce a high-end model that costs even more, with noise cancellation.

Previously, , the iOS 12.2 beta included a “Hey Siri” setup interface for hands-free commands on AirPods, which is a stronger indication than most that Apple plans to incorporate this feature into its headphones at some point. On the other hand, Apple’s Airpods 2 will have improved Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity due s to the inclusion of the W2 chip used in the Apple Watch 3. This is an upgrade on the W1 chip that currently handles the AirPods wireless connectivity.