Apple’s first beta for iOS 12.2 contains an AirPods hardware refresh. As reported, the beta includes a setup interface for “Hey Siri” that mentions hands-free voice commands on AirPods. Apple has discovered a new setup screen for the wireless earbuds within 12.2. It clearly states that users will be able to talk to the voice assistant through the AirPods. While the earbuds you can buy right now don’t support the feature, rumors suggest that Apple is developing a new version that can.

One of those changes, which are currently hidden from public view, is the addition of a new setup screen that’s used when configuring AirPods. This new setup screen clearly states that the user will be able to talk to Siri with AirPods or iPhone by saying “Hey, Siri”.

Apple’s next AirPods

AirPods, the user will be asked to set up “Hey, Siri”, just like it can be set up for other devices such as iPhones and iPads. This training configures AirPods to respond to only the user’s voice and not the voice of other people.

The main difference from using “Hey, Siri” with these new AirPods will be that the AirPods themselves will do the recognition, sending the command to the paired device. This means you’ll be able to use Siri while your iPhone is in your pocket without having to tap on your AirPods.

In addition to hands-free Siri recognition, the new AirPods may support wireless charging through an updated charging case. That may end up being a classy upgrade for the new AirPods, with Apple possibly offering it as a separate accessory. Some reports suggest that the new AirPods may have health-monitoring capabilities. Apple may also make an additional, finest version of AirPods with noise-cancelling features and a water-resistant design.