Many people especially the generation who is obsessed with star war series have good news. As there has been a star wars furniture, but it need lots of bugs to purchase the collection. Well, the designer Kenneth Cobonpue comes up with star wars inspired furniture to add space war in your houses. Earlier he launched his own high-end Star Wars furniture collection in 2018. But now fans can lounge in chairs in the shape of a TIE fighter or Darth Sidious.

The interesting fact is that when Disney approached Cobonpue to make the collection, he was cautious. He answered that you don’t need me for this because he don’t make replicas of machines.

Star Wars Furniture

Later both agreed to have furniture, which shows the inspiration and reflection of star wars series. This amazing collection consists of an Imperial TIE Fighter Wings Easy Armchair in both indoor and outdoor versions. Besides that fans will find an imperial TIE Fighter Wings End Tables, a Darth Sidious Easy Arm Chair. Alongside these the designer comes up with a Chewie Rocking Stool, hanging and floor Jedi Lamps and a really neat Darth Vader Covered Computer Easy Chair.

Now, the highly detailed Star Wars furniture is now available for the first time this year in the United States. The Cobonpue’s elegant yet geeky furniture is a nod to the Dark Side of Star Wars.

The first one is the Imperial TIE Fighter Wings Easy Armchair is modeled after the evil Empire’s iconic TIE fighter vehicle costs $2,700. Then for $4,320, the other two chairs pay homage to Darth Vader and his manipulative master Darth Sidious will be available. It is also known as the evil Emperor Palpatine.

Besides that there’s a Chewie Rocking Stool, in honor of the Wookiee best friend to Han Solo, Chewbacca. The rocking stool is made from microfiber and leather for $1,345. On the other hand, for $1,800, fans will have lamp made from a crowd of tiny Jedi warriors all holding illuminated LED lightsabers to battle against a Sith lord all in red.  There has been lot more other little piece of furniture and decorated items as well.