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With the advancement in the technology, people wanted the modified kind of things or gadgets, which serves different purposes. Same are the Bose Frames that can perform multi-function. Initially Bose frames are glorified as audio augmented-reality sunglasses. And these sunglasses are well-matched with Bose’s upcoming AR audio platform, Bose AR. These frames are audio AR only. Bose has released the Frames with a more straightforward, limited mission: They’re sunglasses that are “enhanced with Bose technology to play music and take calls.

These sunglasses or Bose frames are with a soundtrack. The frames are fashionable though not stylistically groundbreaking. While the Alto version invokes the look of the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer as well.

Bose Frames

The engineering at Bose took a diverse approach. They start with custom stereo transducers and package them in multi-ported acoustic chambers in the arms of the sunglasses. There are two different frame styles to choose from, the Alto and Rondo. The rectangular Alto pair is noticeably larger, with 52-millimeter lenses compared to the Rondo’s 49.5-millimeter rounded ones. For additional context, Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer glasses have 50-millimeter lenses. So, it seems that the Alto frame lenses are quite large. Both pairs are only sold in matte black, with darkened lenses and gold-plated steel hinges.

On technical site, the Bose frames are apparently less optical and more acoustic, though. On each side there are two speakers that produce earbud-quality sound. And it gives you sound without needing you to put anything in your ear. It truly seems magical how the music comes out so clearly.

The Frames pair to your iPhone or Android phone instantly with a free companion app, the glasses takes 2 hours to recharge with the included magnetic cable, and the battery lasts for 3.5 hours while playing music. Besides all, these Bose Frames will work, just like a Bluetooth speaker. Not only that, it will play music that’s stored on your phone or streamed through an app.