When Bell introduced the Bullitt helmet and brought back the Moto-3, they were both hit the market. Now enjoy this season with new designs of Bell’s Helmets.Well this time Bell’s helmets comes in a new color ways and designs, not to mention another retro-inspired helmet altogether. The Bullitt and Moto-3 continue to ride the wave of vintage design love but, like the all-new Eliminator, are pulled directly from Bell’s own heritage.

Bell’s helmets continue to be a successful. They have new colors and designs, in addition to the Eliminator. The company knew the  vintage helmets value, that’s why they have revived the Moto 3 and Bullitt.

The Design

Taking the inspiration from auto-racing helmets, they integrated it with modern technology. The Eliminator got a tall chin bar, metal-ringed intake holes for on and off-road racing, and a design to keep dust from infiltrating your helmet. It is made with fiberglass composite, a ‘Pro-Vision’ anti-fog face shield with best optics. It has a dark smoke shield, and speaker pockets for communication devices. The Eliminator is available for pre-order, but the others with new retro designs, including neo-classic racing stripes are available. The Bell Bullitt Command Helmet is inspired by the original Bell Star from the late 1960s. It was the first full-face helmet, setting a new safety standard.

The Eliminator draws on the very first Bell helmets, which were auto racing helmets, not motorcycle helmets. The have tall chin bar, dirt skirt and simple, metal-ringed intake holes. They were designed for the high safety standards of car racing both on the road and off. Coincidentally, those features work perfectly for life on two-wheels as well. If you’re a fan of putting two wheels in the dirt, the eliminator’s design helps keep dust from making its way under and into your helmet. The rudimentary venting on the crown is meant to work with simple air and ventilation systems to keep you cool and breathing fresh air. Perfect if you find yourself in, say, a bone-dry desert.