Many people believe that true wireless earbuds or headphones make the listening worthy. And most of them prefer Apple Airpods 1 or 2, but for most of people such type of earbuds are expensive. So they can’t afford them. Thus, they opt for different brands, among many best brands Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1 are truly wireless.  Well, the Cambridge Audio is one of the oldest and most respected audio brands. It’s best known for its pricey amplifiers and speakers, which promise a top-notch listening experience, and are affordable.

The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 addresses many issued which users find in the wireless earbuds. These issues are as short battery life, flaky connections, and dismal audio quality.

The Melomania 1

Coming to it, Melomania 1 are truly next gen wireless earbuds. They are comfortable, easy to fit and have amazing battery life. on the other hand, the earphones have incredible 9 hours battery life. Besides that a low battery warning interrupted listening at around 7.5 hours in, and silence followed somewhere between the 8 and 8.5 hour mark.

In an other case, if 9 hours of playback from a single charge wasn’t enough, the supplied case carries enough extra juice for no less than 4 complete recharges of the Melomania 1. It means that the user will extra 36 hours of listening life.

What about the charging case, it comes with an off-white charging case and absolutely zero flashy branding and there’s a MicroUSB port. On the other hand, there are five small LED at front of charging case to indicate the charging level. Besides that the Melomania 1 true wireless earphones are well worth the US$129.95 asking price, which is a good bit cheaper than a pair of second gen AirPods.

The buds themselves have a unique design. Each is a rotund cylinder, entirely symmetrical and making no ergonomic accommodations, and they appear to charge via a metal strip that sits like a belt around their midsection. On sound side, the sound-stage, clarity, and tonal balance that the Melomania provide are all better than most of the true wireless earphones. There’s no bloated low end or excessively sparkly highs to speak of, and everything feels coherent and in balance. In term of connectivity, the earbuds are easily connectable with iPhones and Android Phones. Other that this, the buds support Bluetooth 5 and AptX, AAC, and SBC.