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The innovation in every field of life is making the things and work easier for the humans. So is the new CMU’s robotic arm, this innovative robotic arm is with backpack for an extra hand. This additional helping hand is there to work quickly. Initially this robotic hand comes with idea to squeeze into tight spots for search and rescue missions and infrastructure inspections.

Well according to the makers, this robotic arm can be used by the handicapped as well. It is basically a backpack with a robotic arm.

CMU’s Robotic Arm

The Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab is perhaps best known as the birthplace of the modular snake robot. The theme behind the project is to allow wearers to complete jobs that are a bit too complex for just two hands. Instead, it’s a robotic arm mounted to a backpack-style support structure.

According to the one of the team member said that in the field of automobile or airplane assembling, the common work is to hold something up over your head and fix it to the ceiling. So for that you need an extra hand, because you can hold the thing in one hand and placed the thing with other. Thus this backpack with robotic arm will help to hold the things and you can fix or place the thing with your hands.

On the other hand, “if you’re putting a part on the bottom of a car or on the roof of an airplane, oftentimes in industry, they have to have two people working on this job, one guy is just holding the part up in place, and the other one’s fixing it.”

Coming to its functionality, the company said the CMU robotic arm will work with the buttons and as well with voice command.  They also added that sometime at some point it becomes harder to work with it, so they are working on the more autonomous function of the robotic arm.