When it comes to the security of home, office or any private place, people tend to very much conscious about the security cameras. So, when it comes to the security cameras, there is not better choice than new Arlo Ultra 4K wireless camera. On the other hand, typical security camera footage is infamous for its low fidelity but the Arlo Ultra has a high-performance 4K HDR lens that ensures cutting-edge image quality.

The company has come up with newly designed, wire-free security camera called the Arlo Ultra. This camera is well-equipped for smart home security or commercial monitoring and recording. Besides that it has accompanying smart hub and cloud-based storage could outpace its already popular security cameras.

The Functionality

When coming to the footage, the resolution is absolute sharp. The Arlo Ultra has 4K Ultra HD resolution with high-dynamic range.  Not only has this, unlike other security cameras it got the superb color night vision. This provides the best quality footages at night as well. That is done due to the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

So, the image quality gives you the additional detail and clarity to videos but also lets users to zoom in on their video clips to uncover critical information such as license plates, clothing, identifying marks or other information connected to suspicious activity.

Other Features

The Arlo Ultra also has one of the widest panoramic fields of view available at 180 degrees. While talking about the other features, it has an integrated, powerful LED spotlight, with two-way audio enabled by dual microphones. The new camera has an advanced noise cancellation that help to minimize the background noises like traffic and emphasize more on important sounds, such as voices.

Its smart design and structure enable it to work efficiently both indoor and outdoor, wirelessly. The magnetic mount also makes it really flexible in terms of placement that enables the users to place it on any metal surface or on ceilings, walls, roof space, or simply anywhere on an indoor counter surface.  It also has Wi-Fi system, which allows the user to work from any distance in the world. The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery and the kit comes with a weather-resistant, magnetic charging cable that can also be used inside or out.