The Dolby Dimension is wireless, Bluetooth enabled headphone that’s been designed purposefully for the home entertainment experience. Well, with an emphasis on home. Now, you can hang it around the streets on the go. But the idea behind it is to be able to get immersive “cinematic” sound from your TV and mobile devices at home without troubling anyone around you.

The Sound Master Dolby says that they have made the first electronics product has been designed first and foremost for the home entertainment experience. The Dolby dimension wireless headphones are for the ultimate sound experience at home.


As they say, tune in without tuning out. Dolby LifeMix tech gives you freedom and control how much you hear of your surroundings. With its active noise cancellation, you can just shut up the other noises. it has intuitive touch controls lets you to do on and off, play or pause, adjust volume, go forward or back, and what else. Resulting in that, all the function are done without having to pick up a remote or your source device.

While The Dolby Dimension app allows you set your LifeMix level. You can adjust Cinematic Sound at your ease, can manage devices, make low power mode, and more. while, a separate micro USB cable is also included for charging on the go. These headphones have Beam-forming mics give for call with remarkable clarity. Besides all,  Now you can take calls, or you can activate Siri and Google Assistant, with a single touch.

With the LifeMix and Virtualization turned on you can get up to 10 hours of battery life and up to 15 hours in a power conservation mode. You can get 2 hours of battery life from a 15-minute charge and the headphone fully charges in 2 hours. It also features three Source Buttons that can easily be paired with three different devices. And with the Dolby Dimension app, you can manage up to eight devices.