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DreamOn is a new wearable designed to help you stop counting sheep and get some actual rest. The brain emits a separate type of wave for each stage of sleep. So, when you go to bed these waves begin to slow as attentiveness relaxes and the mind drifts into slumber. This is known as slow wave non-REM sleep. Moving into deeper sleep requires transitioning to even slower waves. DreamOn is designed to assist in this transition.

Well this watch type wearable does the job by producing low-frequency gentle pulses that activate your body’s natural sleep process. This in turn makes your brain to replicate the signal and calms the body. The wearable uses entrainment, a phenomenon where a brain mirrors the pattern of an external signal. It’s entirely natural, completely drug-free, non-habit forming, and is based on sleep science.


Due the decades searches in science and shown to make you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, DreamOn creates a best wearable. It is a unique pulse that physically calms your body to sleep so you can wake feeling more relaxed. It emits low-frequency gentle pulses that activate your body’s natural sleep process. Experience a more restful sleep, faster. DreamOn is 100 percent natural, tangible approach that leaves you feeling refreshed, more focused and with a clear mind. So, it‘s time to say goodbye to all those needless sleep aids. Because a constant lack of sleep can seriously damages the brain health. Not only that, DreamOn helps you practice healthy sleep habits that have been shown to reduce stress and increase focus.

The most entrainment research used visual and auditory signals like flashing lights or alarms.  But the DreamOn depends on paced signals that travel through your extensive neural network to change the calibration of our natural brainwaves. On the other hand, the associated smartphone app offers sleep tracking, meditations, soundscapes and other tools to help you sleep better.