The Fliteboard eFoil transforms the way you enjoy surfing without having to wait for the heavy blows. This is a revolutionary eFoil that gets motivation from the most advanced in hydrofoil technology while remaining real to the nature of floating over the water. The Fliteboard transforms bodies of water into the fresh, gritty snow. The eFoil looks like an average shortened version of a Wakesurf board. To know more, keep reading.

What makes Fliteboard unique is that it comes combined with a hydrofoil and propeller to provide you the feeling of flying over water.

Fliteboard eFoil

The Fliteboard uses a powerful eFoil propulsion system. This enables the Fliteboard to give a top speed of 28 MPH.

Fliteboard eFoil

It also uses an IP67-rated plug-and-play power source. The battery module comes with Fliteboard’s custom battery management system. The lithium cells of the battery give sufficient power that will last for about 18.6 miles. This transposes to almost 90 minutes of flying a few feet above the water surface.

Fliteboard Surfing

The creators of the eFoil also introduced an IP67-rated Flite Controller. It is a handheld remote control that comes with a high contrast display. It presents users with important information such as GPS speed, battery status, and energy efficiency rating.

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The Flite Controller is relatively comparable to Nintendo Wii’s Nunchuck Controller. The best part about this controller is that it also comes with various riding styles. One can also update the software using only a smartphone.

Fliteboard eFoil Surfing Boards

The Fliteboard also features the Flitebox. This is the motherboard of the eFoil. It has a super-computer that’s packed in anodized aluminum. A finned heatsink supports cool the computer during operation.

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Now with this amazing Fliteboard, there is no obligation to wait for the next huge wave. It enables you to carve the water as you would on fresh powder. Its layout empowers you to use it in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies where there are no water currents.

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