As more and more games are making its impact, so the gamers wanted to have best headphones gadget to enjoy the games. For the reason, Corsair’s Virtuoso RGB SE headset are there to fulfill all your gaming needs. These headphones have plenty of features to love for, the design is fashionable and it has amazing mic for streamers as well. The other thing about the headphone is that it is aimed at both gaming and music-loving audiophiles.

Earlier, the company Corsair make the things simple and below $100. But with the Virtuoso RGB Wireless headsets, they upgraded to next level with $210.

Corsair’s Virtuoso RGB SE Headset

While, coming to the specs and functions, it has 7.1 surround sounds, 50mm drivers, a broadcast-grade 9.5mm high-bandwidth microphone. Besides that it has attractive design, finest construction and a battery life in wireless used up to 20 hours or more.

Speaking of its quality, the material is used for its contraction rock solid, premium-feeling headsets. On the other hand, it has T all-aluminum construction offers a weighty, comfortable design that’s thankfully well-padded around the ears and headband too.  So, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE looks great, feel super comfortable as well.

Besides that, headsets don’t have Bluetooth as they are RF headsets, not Bluetooth. So, user has to plug in a transmitter dongle. And it’s a USB-A plug, so you can’t plug it directly into your phone. These are absolutely PC and home console headsets, comes with 3.5mm and USB-C connectors, if you don’t want a wired edition.

On the other hand, there are several models available. While, speaking of chatting, the detachable mic also deserves appreciation. Its design, keeping with the theme of the Virtuoso is quite impressive. Not only can that, for gaming, gamers will enjoy the Virtuoso’s 7.1 surround Sound performance as well. The company is also rolling out a new wireless tech with these cans called Slipstream, and it boasts 60-foot range on the spec sheet, alongside ultra-low latency.