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How you sleep when you are traveling on an airplane, train or any other vehicle? Dozing off? I think the experience is not good. In most of the cases when you experience a long journey you wish you could have a bed to get some sleep? Most of the people are gifted with the ability to fall asleep anywhere without any noise or light conditions. They easily fall asleep on a seat and in some cases on others’ shoulders. Don’t worry now! The travel pillows will completely change your sleeping experience.

There are plenty of reinforcements out there that will help you to sleep better while traveling without any stiff neck, back pain or headache. Yes, it is possible. And the solution is Travel Pillow.

The Travel Pillows

The travel pillows comes in different shapes and sizes that ensure your head remains in its axis. It optimizes your body for a deeper sleep and thoroughly eliminates neck soreness and back pain. You have to bend one end of the pillow around yourself or the back of your seat and bend the other end into a safe position for your head. It generally comes in two sizes. First is an adult size which is 3 to 5 inches in height and 10 by 12 inches in length and breadth. The second one is kid-size that usually comes in 3 inches in height and 9 by 9 inches in length and breadth.

The Travel Pillows

Fillings are categorized into two types. One is the memory foam equipped with a silk sleep mask and a pair of foam earplugs and most of the people love it because of its convenience. The second type of filling is air. It is mostly used in inflatable pillows. People suggest this because they can control the stiffness of the pillow according to their preference. But it may also result in bulky size. 

These pillows are easy to use and carry while traveling and can help you to wake up with the same zeal and energy. Nobody wants to wake up with back pain, right? So traveling pillow could be the best shoulder to sleep on while traveling.

The Travel Pillows

We invest so much money in having a comfortable bed in our homes, so why not we invest to get better sleep in traveling? Here are the best travel pillows for travelers to sleep comfortably on their seat. 

Travelrest Nest ultimate Pillow

Its tall memory-foam walls enable it to provide more comfort than any other pillow we experimented with. It’s also designed to rest flush against a headrest, and it shrinks to a flexible size. Click on the link below to see price.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

This memory-foam neck-support pillow is extremely adaptable, but without a shaped back, it can’t completely rest flush with the headrest. It’s available at many airport stores, though. Click on the link below to see price.

Bcozzy Pillow

Highlighting a stretchable design that fits over-the-ear headphones, the Bcozzy is an outstanding chin-support pillow for people who bend forward as they sleep. Click on the link to buy on Amazon and see price.

Trtl Pillow

It’s a fleece scarf with built-in plastic support like a one-sided neck brace, but smoother and homier. Still, it’s not so effective if you tend to change position while you sleep.

Ostrich Pillow Light

This adjustable ringed pillow is loaded with silicon-covered micro-beads for sound attenuation; setting you up for a night of sleep so deep you won’t even need these excellent techniques to cure jet lag. Click the link to buy on Amazon and see price.