Besides top companies likes Apple, Samsung and Fitbit has released their fitness gears. This time Fossil’s new Gen 5 Wear OS smartwatches comes up good. Other than many aspects, the ultimate feature is the choice of battery mode. In all the smartwatches, battery and battery life is the main features and companies are making their gears smart and that runs long. So, users can select the smartwatch on company’s website with the starting price of $295.

Fossil’s new Gen 5 models give you a choice of four battery modes to pick from. Besides that the smartwatch has an upgraded Snapdragon processor, as well as other upgrades.

Fossil’s Gen 5 Wear OS Smartwatches

While talking about smart gears, Battery life has been a permanent problem for smartwatches. The glowing color screens and small battery compartments usually mean a recharge every night. The new Gen 5 watches have the latest hardware, and all the features any one expects from a modern Android-powered smartwatch. There are even a few custom features exclusively for Fossil’s hardware.

Other than the style, coming to some technical details, these watches run the Snapdragon Wear 3100. This is a newer wearable processor that launched about a year ago. Whereas, the 3100 isn’t much more powerful, and it still leverages 28nm hardware, but it supports more hardware features and offers better battery life.

Not only this, Fossil also equipped its new platform with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, both about twice the usual allotment. They’ve also got NFC for Google Pay, a heart rate sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, 30-meter water-proofing, and a speaker. The last-gen Fossil Sport lacked a speaker for some reason.

While, talking about other features, the smartwatch has speakers. The other most interesting feature is that, it is the first Wear OS watches that can take calls on the iPhone. But Fossil is creating a custom app to enable that on iOS. However, that feature won’t be available at launch. Fossil says the iOS calling feature will arrive as an OTA update sometime this fall. Other than iPhone, Of course, it will also be there for Android as well.

Now, coming to the four modes the user can choose. User can choose between; Daily, Extended, Custom, and Time Only. The less functionality you need, the longer the battery lasts. On the other hand, the extended battery mode will allow multi-day use while showing the time, getting notifications, and monitoring heart rate