The race for best camera gadgets are on between, Nikon and other professional cameras makers. Yet again, Fujifilm comes up with new model. Fujifilm’s X-Pro3 mimics film cameras have unique design and features a folding display. The company has confirmed that it is developing a new version of the X-Pro called the X-Pro3 and provides the details as well. With the new titanium cover casing, users will have three colors: Black, ‘Dura Black’ and ‘Dura Silver.’

Besides that, according to the company, they say that the X-Pro series’ signature hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder even better.

Fujifilm’s X-Pro3 Film Cameras

The most interesting feature is its display. Fujifilm says that the camera feature a “hidden” LCD display. On the other hand, the OLED EVF panel has a higher resolution as well. And that is there for better contrast and brightness, wider color space and a faster frame rate. Unlike the traditional LCD display, it features a small LCD that displays basic capture settings like shutter speed, aperture and ISO. So, user can flip this part of the camera out to reveal the main LCD.

Other than this, the downward flipping display is best for shooting from a low angle, with the photographer looking down to check framing. Thus, basically just like user could do on classic film cameras with waist-level viewfinders.

Besides that, the camera is equipped new film simulation called “Classic Negative.” That is there to focus even more on replicating a film-inspired experience backed by modern digital photographic technology. The X-Pro3 still offers an electronic viewfinder, but that’s also more similar to film photography versus digital. Since photographers using the camera will be much more likely to either use the viewfinder. The camera will be officially announced on October 23rd, and the company will reveal the price and other specs as well.