The best gears are always very helpful and needy, whether you are driving to a campsite by a river or hiking remotely on the top of a mountain. But having the right gear in winter can make you more comfortable and provide you’re the warmth. More importantly, you want the blanket you choose to keep you safe. As you will be outdoors as the sun sets and the weather gets cooler you will find yourself completely exposed to the elements. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for these conditions by ensuring that you have a blanket to keep you comfortable.

So during the cooler months, nothing beats remaining warm during time away at the campsite. In fact, its transition seasons such as fall that can surprise with unexpected cold snaps, so you need best camping blankets. Otherwise, if left unprepared can easily turn a relaxing weekend into a shivering session of miserable.

CoolMax Blanket

This blanket will keep you warm and dry with its CoolMax knit technology. High class blanket is moisture proof, breathe-able, and keep you warm. It has notably light weight coming in at just 11 ounces. The large 70” x 56” design perfectly covers you to provide ultimate comfort. Perfect for outdoor use, this blanket is even machined washable. For those that are style conscious, this blanket comes in 9 different colors ranging from black to yellow.

Matador’s pocket blanket

For the matter of convenience, Matador’s pocket blanket is the perfect option to keep handy during the nasty trips to the outdoors. It’s made from Hyprlyte Nylon that’s only 90 microns thick but remains water repellent and puncture resistant. Also, once unfolded, the pocket blanket can fit up to 4 adults and literally fits in your pocket when folded back up utilizing the blankets easy-to-follow pack pattern.

Jungle Survival Blanket

The Jungle Survival Blanket by SnugPak is a large size sitting at 76” x 64”. This allows for 1-2 campers to cozy up underneath its warmth. The weight sits at an impressively low 25 ounces. With its Travel-soft insulation and high loft fibers make it the best choice. It is basically designed for cooler environments this blanket has a rating of 45 degrees with a low rating at 36 degrees. This makes this blanket an incredibly versatile option.

Therm-a-Rest Vela Quilt

If you are looking for luxury while insisting on your country adventures, The Therm-a-Rest Vela HD Quilt gives the decisive warmth and comfort. It has full-perimeter side baffle to protect from drafts, an elasticized, insulated foot-box to add warmth and keep your quilt in place. If you are still persisting for your older one, it’s time to switch to the Vela to up your comfort game with freedom to move and easily regulate your temperature as you like, all night long.

Down Camping Blanket

This blanket is top rated camping down, great build quality and materials. The stitching has been skillfully done so it will last for years to come. This entire blanket is also machined washable making it great for families with young children. It is filled with 100% down and feathers with a comfortable and thermal 650 fill power. This blanket has also been rated to 40°F (4°C) for moderately cool nights. With a generous 80” x 54” size this blanket can comfortably fit two campers under it allowing for the perfect option for couples.