Google’s Pixel phones are known for having an amazing camera. And the Pixel 3 is no exception. But, it’s not just the photo quality that’s impressive. Google introduced a ton of new features that really improve the camera experience. Here are all the features that make the Google Pixel 3 the best smartphone camera. The secret sauce behind the Pixel’s amazing camera is Google’s HDR+. HDR+ is what gives the Pixel its incredible dynamic range.

While the feature that was not the part of original of Pixel 3 launched is Night Sight. It’s one of the most impressive features of the Pixel 3. Night Sight allows you to take photos in low light without a flash. The pictures appear a lot brighter than photos taken with other phones. But it does require you to hold the phone steady for a few seconds. If you move your hands too much, the image might come out blurry. Just like HDR+, Night Sight takes several shots but at longer exposures.