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Since last year, Google is trying to refine its Wear OS smartwatch software to make everything feel simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use. Now, these improvements have gone a long way in making Wear OS feel smoother and more useful. Google is announcing another new addition: Tiles. Google’s swipeable Wear OS ‘Tiles’, which primroses all what a user wanted to have.

Tiles are viewable widgets that user can swipe between to get information quickly. It includes different widgets like the weather, your next calendar appointment, your heart rate, news headlines, etc.

Google’s Swipeable Wear OS ‘Tiles’

Well, Swiping is one of the easiest and most intuitive gestures in the touchscreen arsenal, especially when there is little space. Keeping in mind that thing, Google has added swiping to Google Fit and Google Assistant on Wear OS smartwatches. The Google ‘Tiles’ is a new quick-access interface for more watch functions.

Coming to the swipeable Wear OS, there are six Tiles in the new set: Goals, Next Event, Weather Forecast, Heart Rate, Headlines and Timer. So, now user can access them with a simple swipe left to see at-a-glance information about the latest news.

Besides that, how much is left on your timer, exactly how stressed you are, and so on. Before, swiping left and right would bring up Fit and Assistant respectively, but Google has slightly changed things in order to make way for its new information-rich Tiles.

Not only that, this new simpler and easy feature will perform different functions as well. Tiles will check your progress towards your fitness goals or start a workout. It knows where you need to be next, plan ahead with the latest forecast, check your heart rate. Alongside that it allows you to follow the latest breaking headlines and set a timer as well. So, get the Smartwatch, as the new Wear OS is coming next month.