2001 a space odyssey remains one of the most iconic films of its time. As a true pioneer for cinematography and in the science fiction genre, the story of 2001 has resonated with so many people over the years that they quote the stubborn AI systems that were featured in the film.

The story of the HAL 9000 in the film was at that time something that seemed like science fiction, with smart devices like the Google home, Alexa and more that are widely available for many people across the world, the idea of the HAL 9000 is now something that is a complete reality.

One company decided to deliver a basic edition of the HAL 9000 that features a Bluetooth speaker, brushed aluminum case and a glass lens with a red eye. The exact reproduction of the HAL 9000 is going to be limited to 2001 units and it comes with a look that is based directly off of the original HAL 9000 movie prop.

Several additions are available including an extruded aluminum trim special edition with a 10.1-inch HD display. Lighting and a bank of 10 different buttons for controlling the graphics on the display are included. The HAL 9000 is also built with Amazon Alexa technology built-in making it an excellent smart device. The units can be built with a desk stand or the chance to use a console version of it that can be installed in the wall.

All of the units inside your home can also match up with a mini HAL USB drive that can be used for coordinating various devices throughout the home. Currently the HAL 9000 is only available from Indiegogo but as the units continue selling more readily there could be a chance that they could go into a larger production run.