The most common complaint about smartwatches are that they offers too much but with minimum battery life. The Huawei Watch GT has addresses the issue, but with conflicting degrees of success. The Huawei Watch GT is designed to do three main things: look like a regular watch; last up to two weeks on a single charge; and to function like health fitness tracker. Well the watch succeeds on all these three fronts.

As far the software is concern, the Huawei Watch GT runs LiteOS, not Google Wear. Other than this, there is currently no third party application support so there are limits on functionality, but thhas solid operation and experience.

Huawei’s Watch GT

Unlike the Watch 2 by the Huawei, there has been a major improvement in the technology associated with Watch GT. The smartwatch is packed with massive speed, as it has 16 MB of RAM and 128 MB of onboard storage. Besides that, the watch is with 1.39-inch AMOLED color screen. While the screen is bright, possibly too bright at times, supports slide and touch gestures.

Well it works effortlessly and reliably as a way of navigating the menu, along with the two physical buttons jutting out of the side. Bluetooth 4.2 connects the device to your Android or iOS phone, while location tracking comes by way of support for GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO systems.

Coming to its batter and charging features, the device is charged wirelessly by a magnetic charging puck.  Well this does a good job of holding the phone in place while juicing it up. Huawei lists the charging time as two hours or less.

Alongside that, Huawei’s Watch GT also lists the battery life as 14 days of characteristic use, which outshines many competitors. In reality watch requiring a recharge every seven to 10 days. As Huawei rightly points out, battery life is going to depend on user habits, so the battery life is clearly the watch’s biggest strength.