Remember the days of your childhood when you used to play video games when the access of PCs was not prevalent in many homes? Here we bring you something to revive the memory of your school days. iiRcade Video Game is a powerful, retro-styled arcade machine pre-loaded with 11 games and access to hundreds more.

One of the best things about this game chest is that it comes in two sizes. Either you can buy full-sized ($749.00) or bartop sized ($599.00). Both of the models are designed with safety in mind and are bottom-heavy to avoid slipping. The iiRcade plugs into any conventional electrical socket.

iiRcade Video Game

Multiple backing levels on the Kickstarter page provide you access to various finishes and decal choices (we’re partial to the Double-Dragon decals). You can construct the bartop version’s ten panels in just half an hour simply with a screwdriver, while the full-sized version needs only an added 30 minutes and six more panels.

iiRcade Video Game

All models of the iiRcade Video Game are designed in a Korean factory with over 30 years of arcade cabinet production expertise. These are not plywood closets filled with bargain-basement electronics. The producers use only high-quality elements: premium wood, durable 8-way joysticks, and buttons that can withhold up to repeated mashing. An outcome is a machine that will manage all the game playing power you can throw at it.

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The iiRcade Video Game is built by gamers for gamers and intends to replicate a real arcade experience. It has a complete volume control, a pause button, an on/off/sleep button, a coin button, and a start button. The interface was created after a thorough analysis of 150 different arcade machines and includes sufficient capacity for two players while remaining small enough to fit comfortably inside any room in your house.

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The machine starts up quickly (you can go from off to gaming in 30 seconds), and the menu is clear and readily navigated. There’s even one-touch game purchasing.

iiRcade gaming

Talking about the specs, the iiRcade is not the gaming cabinet of your youth. It uses a 1.8 GHz Hexa-core CPU, 800MHZ Max Quad-core GPU, 4GB Dual-Channel LPDR4X, and customized operating system. Powerful WiFi connects you to the ever-expanding iiRcade app store.

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The iiRcade features a 19 inch 1280 x 1024 HD display and supports HDMI-out so you can broadcast your achievements to your large screen TV. You also have a choice to spend a little more money and buy the 128 GB version for more game storage if you want.

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The sound is just as powerful as the visuals: 100-watt dual stereo speakers, a strong amplifier, and sound optimization guarantee you can hear all classic beep and bloop. If you want to play while being in bed, plug your wired headphones into the 3.5 mm jack or connect your headphones wirelessly with Bluetooth.

iiRcade Video Game

The iiRcade comes pre-loaded with 11 games and gives you quick access to a library of 200+ titles.

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