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Sonos always comes with the affordable speakers, whether they are party or bookshelf speakers. Now Ikea has reached Sonos with their accessories. The result is Ikea and Sonos smart speaker lamp. Alongside that Ikea and Sonos created bookshelf speakers as well.  Both companies have announced their two year partnership. And they have unveiled their first smart speakers series.

The two devices do more than just play music. That’s because one of the devices is a table lamp, fitted with a Sonos speaker. While, the other is primarily a bookshelf speaker.

Ikea and Sonos Created Smart Speakers

Ikea team up with Sonos for Wi-Fi speakers-in-disguise. The two companies say that they are going to share their passion, a shared passion. On the other hand, IKEA’s Home Smart boss said, “IKEA is always looking for ideas that improve life at home. By integrating technology with home furnishing products and solutions, we can do that in an even better way.”

Ikea and Sonos smart speaker lamp and other bookshelves speakers are gaining popularity. Not only with the sound but the design and style becomes popular as well.

The lamp-speaker is made with the idea of de-cluttering the home with less devices and cords. The bookshelf-speaker, on the other hand, is intended to blend into the background. So, that nobody knows from where the sound is coming. Both products are well-matched with the rest of the Sonos range and can be managed through the Sonos app. While, the bookshelf speaker is the smallest speaker that Sonos has ever made.

The Symfonisk line is a series of bookshelf and table lamp speakers designed to blend into the home in a very truthful way. The $179 table lamp is a speaker in lamp form with 360 degree sound. The lamp’s base is swathed in black or white speaker fabric and includes buttons to control the light and music. A glowing glass shade sits on top.