One X can automatically remove a selfie stick from the footage in the app in combination with the company’s customized 10-foot selfie stick. Now you can capture of drone-like footage without a drone. It has Drifter camera “dart” that’s designed to help you capture aerial footage with your ONE X by throwing it. Simply snap your camera into the dart and start hurling it around. The resulting Drift Shots are 360-degree aerial slow-motion shots.

The ONE X connects to mobile devices via Wi-Fi, providing real-time image preview and control. The connection can be used to transfer footage for editing but you also have the option to use a USB cable.

The Beauty

Insta360 is back with the ONE X for 5.7K 360-degree shooting. It is compatible with both iOS and android. It’s made to “give users more freedom and more creative potential both during and after capture.” It will record spherical video at 5.7K resolution and 30 frames per second. It has an option to record 4K footage at 50fps or 3K video at 100fps for action videos and slow-motion effect. For still images the camera captures with 18 MP.

With the enthusiastic editing app, video is re-framed and re-edited to highlight the best elements of a scene. It has feature to create cinematic clips which are impossible to achieve with conventional cameras. With its Time-Shift feature, users can adjust the speed of different parts of a clip. Now only that you can put the focus on key moments, using either slow-motion or hyper-lapse effects.

It gives you “gimbal-level” stabilization using Insta360’s 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization and FlowState stabilization algorithm. It analyzes the movement in all directions to provide a powerful stabilization. According to insta360 the FlowState feature allows the users have ultimate, impossible smooth videos. You can “Mount the ONE X anywhere  from a helmet to a selfie stick to a kayak – and footage comes out looking like it’s been professionally stabilized.”

The camera has removable 1200 mAh battery; you can carry spare batteries for long shoots. It features ISO, exposure value, white balance and shutter speed can be manually tweaked. So, be ready for HDR photos, time-lapses, hyper-lapses, interval shooting and timed shots.