Iveco is imagining a future where drivers of its vehicles can mix in a bit of physical activity. It unveiled a new cabin concept fitted out with gym equipment for some serious gains on the road. Iveco’s fitness-focused truck cabin is perfect for the drivers who don’t want to miss the routine. The company has made the truck to change the driving style of the drivers. The truck cabin is outfitted with a series of workout mechanism that will enable drivers to get in a bit of fitness time between long haul drives or when taking a break during trips.

Iveco revealed its so-called Fit Cab concept is the new Way range of future-focused truck cabins. It is there to explore new ways drivers can work on their health and wellbeing when putting in long hours on the road.

Iveco’s Fitness-Focused Truck

The truck will be showcased at the 2019 European Truck Racing Championship. The Official Gerrit Marx said, “With these concepts, we want to co-create with drivers and owners these statement vehicles.”

He further said, “Most importantly, we also want engage them in a dialogue about their job to tailor the next trucks to closely match their needs and desires – trucks developed by the customers for the customers.” Besides that the workout gear includes resistance bands, sliders, weights and more that are all ideal for personal training.

The exterior carries a very fitness-club-like aesthetic, and on the inside are built-in hooks and anchors to rig up fitness accessories. On the other hand, the tool are integrated into one of the walls is a multi-directional pulley and built into the ceiling is a folded multi-grip solution. Also on-board are an assortment of resistance bands, sliders and weights, while the retractable front step can be slid out for use as an additional training aid.