This time Leatherman comes up with affordable and lighter multi-tool kit. The Leatherman magnetic multi-tools are  introduced with name of T2 and T4 series. The company begins building out its collection of magnetic multi-tools with a pair of cheaper, lighter and simplified offerings, the T2 and the T4. Both promise the same single-handed opening capabilities. But with a simpler design that seriously undercuts others in the range both in price and weight.

Earlier this year Leatherman introduced the free collection series of P2 and P4. Both the P2 and P4 contain a knife, scissors, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and other small tools.

Leatherman’s Magnetic Multi-tools

Well, coming to the reason why Leatherman collection is different from other makers, in Leatherman’s catalogue is the reliance on a magnetic opening and closing thumb-release mechanism. So, it allows the users the easiest way to open with only one hand. Thus, this makes for easy-release tools that move into position much more freely than previous Leatherman’s, kind of like a butterfly knife, meaning they don’t have to be painfully prized open with fingernails.

Coming to the T2 and T4, the T2 is bit cheaper model. The P2 ($120) and P4 ($140) will lead the line with 420 steel pliers-based multipurpose tools. The FREE P2 and P4 tools have many of the same implements found within classic Leatherman tools but with new features and technology.

While talking about the multi-tool included in T2, it has eight tools. These tools include a Phillips head, medium and extra small screwdrivers, bottle opener, the same carbon-stainless steel blade and an awl.

On the other hand, a bit high priced T4, as it has 12 tools. These tools are a carbon-stainless steel blade, scissors, package opener.  Besides that it carries four screwdrivers types, a metal and wood file and a set of tweezers. It measures 9.3 cm (3.6 in) long when closed, with a weight of 4.3 oz (122 g).