Hence, for game lovers, Logitech has introduced its new and updated version of G Pro X headset. The Logitech new G pro X headsets is there to provide crystal clear sound. Logitech has now revealed its new gaming headset, designed to help sound like a professional streamer. The G Pro X marks the debut of ‘Blue Voice Software’, which enable to give a real-time mic effects. And it will allow the user to tune the voice based on their individual preferences.

Logitech is one of the more well-respected peripheral manufacturers in the PC-gaming space. With all the best sound features, the G Pro X gaming headset, will be available for $130.

Logitech New G Pro X Headset

These new gaming headsets are equipped with a pro-grade audio device built for games that require frequent voice communication. Besides that it’s worked with Blue Microphones to design an audio input feature its calling Blue Voice. On the other hand, this features promises clearer and crisper microphone audio and a bevy of tuning and filter options in its companion G Hub app.

Other than that the software even includes the option to easily record your voice and then hear how the various processing affects how you sound to other people. The result is an easy-to-use tool that can help you sound more professional while also potentially guiding you through learning the basics of crafting a pleasant voice experience for listeners

These headsets are so comfortable and light that user can wear them the entire day. Besides that because of robust and crystal clear sound it provides, user will not feel noise or sound in the head. The company wanted to make a headset that avoids distortions and noise. Alongside that, the gamers don’t want headsets which sound like drama; they wanted to heave clear sound, so these headsets are the ideal for them.