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The company Matrix hit the CES event this year with its PowerWatch 2 wrist watch. It’s a color smart watch, which has endless charging. For this second edition, Matrix has made an amazing amount of progress, because the PowerWatch 2 has evolved to a 1.2-inch color display. Not only this, the watch has support for thermometric and solar charging, as well as with GPS and fitness tracking. Besides all, the main feature remains the same: this is a watch that never needs to be plugged in to charge.

Well, as a new product, the original Powerwatch went through some demanding development periods. The new updates brought improvements and sometimes screwed things up a bit but not this watch. It still has an important factor that’s using body heat to recharge its battery.

 PowerWatch 2

While talking about the silent features of this watch, the PowerWatch 2 has a 42mm case. That is smaller in comparison to the PowerWatch X’s 52mm case. For those who have slim wrists, it’s a much better fit. On the other hand, the case itself is thicker than ever, coming in about 1.5mm thicker than its predecessor at 15mm. So, it helps that the wrist bands are a little thinner.

PowerWatch 2 is designed with the company’s most advanced thermoelectric and solar technology. It means that it will convert the body heat and enough light to power itself. The MATRIX PowerWatch 2 is the most powerful smartwatch that you never have to charge. It is entirely updated with new features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, and a color display.

This new Powerwatch by Matrix is the vital tool for anyone mapping out their run, hike, ride, or swim with its companion app. It’s packed with useful health and fitness metrics like distance, steps, pace, sleep, cadence, and more.